Banking Methods for Online Gaming

Most casinos offer a wide array of payment options. As such, you should be sure to choose the payment option that suits you the most. This article explores five of the available banking methods and payment options. Also, consider visiting to get a clue about online blackjack.

Banking method #1: MasterCard

MasterCard is, in essence, a cashless payment method that has its corporate headquarters in New York City. This company, which was created by a consortium of banks, has been in operation for over five decades. It provides prepaid cards, debit cards, credit cards, and commercial card products.

Many consumers prefer using MasterCard for their online purchases which include transferring money to their individual online casino accounts. To combat fraud and to ensure that customer transactions are always safe, the company uses proprietary and complicated analytics which include artificial intelligence. It's among the widely accepted payment methods worldwide.

Banking method #2: Visa Electron

Visa Electron is a debit card that enjoys the acceptance of a wide array of online casinos. The card is readily available in all countries that are visa-serviced. The significant difference between the Electron product and visa debit cards is that you can't overdraw the liked account with Electron

Visa Electron is, in essence, an ideal bankroll management tool for gamblers who are often tempted to occasionally push the limits. It is good to note that banks in the United States, the Republic of Ireland, Canada, and Australia do not issue Visa Electron cards.

Banking method #3: Neosurf

If you are shopping for a simple and highly secure way to make your online payments hassle-free, then Neosurf is a must-consider payment method. This payment voucher system enjoys the approval of over 20,000 online retailers most of which are casino houses. It was launched in France in 2004.

Neosurf's website primarily displays various online gaming site logos, such as Betclic, PokerStars, and NetBet. The amount of cash that a Neosurf user can exchange for a voucher tends to vary from one country to another, with the highest fundable amount being $1000. Neosurf has over 135,000 outlets worldwide.

Banking method #4: PayPal

PayPal is among the popular payment methods for online transactions in any part of the world. Most consumers laud it as the safest and fastest online payment option ever penned. It allows gamblers to deposit money into their gambling accounts without exposing their credit card numbers to the merchants.

This e-commerce platform helps companies and individuals to make and accept payments without providing their financial information. Casino sites, such as the Lucky Empire Casino, 888 Casino, Casino Action, BlackJack Ballroom, NetBet Casino, Mega Casino, and Total Gold, among other widely played casinos readily accept PayPal as a transaction method.


Banking method #5: Neteller

Consumers in over 200 countries can now make retail and online purchases, transfer money to other Neteller customers, receive payments, and store value in their online accounts thanks to Neteller. Online players in various regulated jurisdictions can now use Neteller to deposit and withdraw money from their casino accounts.

Neteller is primarily an e-wallet that a user can fund directly from their bank account. Most gamblers find it ideal for transferring funds to their online casino accounts as well as withdrawing their winnings. Although not all casinos accept Neteller, most of them have it among their payment options.